We successfully breed Holsteiner horses


Welcome to the Holsteiner stud- and training-farm of Klaus-Philipp Eichert in Eigenzell, Germany.

Located on the Swabian Ostalb we successfully breed Holsteiner horses for almost 30 years. Close to Ellwangen (between Stuttgart and Munich) you will find our farm in Eigenzell. Over the decades, our farm has become a focal point for Holstein sport horses in southern Germany.

We breed Holsteiner horses only and are members of the German Holsteiner Breeding Association (Holsteiner Verband). Since Summer 2008 we are an official branding place of the German Holsteiner Breeding Association. Regularly the experts of the “Verband” come to our facility to select top Holsteiner horses for their auctions in spring and autumn.

If you are interested in our horses we will take care of everything for you: pick you up at the airport (Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt), comfortable accomodation on our farm, exportpapers and shipping of your Holsteiner horse will be organised by ourselfs and our wellknown and experienced partners.

The attached riding- and vacancy farm is an attraction for guests from everywhere. So we can offer you the opportunity to get in a closer touch with our horses and our staff.

On this website we included a lot of photos and videos. We will keep these information updated regulary.
Please contact us for any further information and wishes.

We’re looking forward to meet you here at the Eichert farm to be able to present you your Holsteiner!

For questions and special wishes don’t hesitate to write us an email: info@holsteiner-horses.com or call us:

K.P. Eichert 49 (0) 170 9043978
Claudia Müller online management – international contacts +49 (0) 173 6565 287


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